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Air Customs Clearance Procedure


  1. Aircraft flying an international route must follow the air line imposed on them to cross the border. 
  2. They may only land at customs airports. 
  3. Customs airports are designated by the Government of the State in which they are located; the latter may also take all necessary steps to ensure that aircraft do not escape customs formalities. 



Goods transported by aircraft must be entered on a manifest signed by the commander of the aircraft; this document must be drawn up under the same conditions as those laid down for ships by Article 113 above. 



  1. The commander of any civil or military aircraft must present the manifest to the customs officers at the first requisition. 
  2. (2) The commander of any civil or military aircraft or his representative must transfer this document electronically, as a summary declaration, to the customs office at the airport, together with its authentic translation, if any, when the aircraft takes off from the country of origin. 


  1. All unloading and throwing of goods en route is prohibited. 
  2. However, the commander of the aircraft has the right to have ballast and mail thrown out during the journey in the places officially designated for this purpose, as well as loaded goods whose throwing out is indispensable for the safety of the aircraft. 



The provisions of article 118 above concerning unloading and transshipment are applicable to transport by air.


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