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A WORD FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR « To make the Gabonese Customs a modern, efficient and virtuous administration, at the heart of the economic recovery »

The purpose of this platform is to allow individuals or legal entities (authorized customs brokers, economic operators, regular or occasional importers and exporters...), national, regional or international entities, technical and financial partners and all users of the public service that is within our competence, to learn about our missions, our procedures, our results and our various activities

As a key economic player in the promotion and development of cross-border trade, Gabonese Customs plays an active role in the State's budget.



Fiscal Mission


Within the framework of door-to-door taxation, the Gabonese customs administration is responsible for the liquidation of import duties and taxes and export duties on certain local goods, as well as the control of the regularity of customs clearance operations. 
On the other hand, collection is carried out by the Treasury. The role of provider of State revenue is so important that it places Customs in second position after oil revenue, at about 20%. Gabonese Customs is therefore working to strengthen its capacities in order to better mobilize revenue and achieve the objectives set by the Finance Act.



Economic Mission


Support and assistance to economic operators;


Accompanying and assisting economic operators consists in applying special tax regimes and monitoring the related tax expenditures. To do this, it places particular emphasis on reception, communication, respect for the rights and obligations of users, personalized follow-up, as well as the simplification and facilitation of customs clearance. 

  • Improve relations between tax and customs administrations;
  • Promote partnership with economic operators;
  • Develop communication activities;
  • Ensure the proper use of customs procedures;

The promotion of foreign trade; 

To respond to the increase in trade, Customs is working to simplify its procedures and move towards "facilitation" by reducing all forms of administrative barriers to a maximum. Its contribution is also reflected in the easing of customs formalities for exports. 


Statistical information; 

This is data relating to the flow of goods in the framework of foreign trade, thus providing, through the computerized customs system, ASYCUDAWORLD, statistical data very useful to public authorities, economic operators and international institutions.



Special Mission


The particular missions of the customs are mainly based on the assistance to other administrations. They mainly concern : 


Controls related to hygiene, health and public mortality;

These controls concern the sanitary police of animals and plants, the control of the quality of food products, the protection of animal and plant species threatened with extinction, the fight against illicit drug trafficking, the fight against counterfeit products, etc.


Controls related to public security;


These controls are aimed at imports of war material, dangerous products (explosives), and natural persons. 
Gabonese Customs, as the administrative entity in charge of implementing and enforcing the legal and regulatory provisions relating to the movement of goods, persons and means of transport in and out of the national territory, plays an active role in the State budget. 
They are thus an essential economic partner in the development of cross-border trade.




Decree Decree 422 - Reorganization of the GDCID 23 mars 21 Customs regulations 23 mars 21 Customs Code All our documents


Our Toll Free Number is open from 07:30 to 16:30 from Monday to Friday, except holidays.


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