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20 mars 2021 | Actualités

Ethics and good conduct: customs officers in training

On Friday 19 March 2021, at 11:00 am, a meeting was held at the Hotel des Douanes, located in the Oloumi industrial zone, on the promotion of good governance ethics. 

Present at this meeting were: the Deputy Directors; the Heads of Service; the Heads of Office and the Communication Service.

The Inspector of Services opened the session on the instruction of the DGA with the agreement of the DG to remind the importance of raising awareness on the problems of ethics and deontology that are rampant in our administrations. In the same approach, the Minister of Good Governance, in charge of the fight against corruption (Francis Nkea Ndzigue) asked to sensitize the agents of our administration on corruption and to make the promotion campaign on ethics and good governance in times of pandemic.

The ministry in charge of good governance and the fight against corruption has put in place certain mechanisms to fight against it: Awareness raising/training; monitoring; sanctions (criminal and disciplinary).

In order to effectively fight against corruption, the inspectorate of services has asked everyone to obtain the practical guide. It should be noted that corruption offences are crimes and offences provided for and punished by the penal code. 

The inspectorate is responsible for ensuring that any person found guilty of corruption in the exercise of his or her duties, as well as any judicial conviction, is subject to disciplinary sanctions. (Art.17 Law 8/91).

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